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Focus on the development and implementation of ERP /e-commerce system for years

Integrity, reliability, professionalism, pragmatism, continuous innovation as our ERP system

ERP System

ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning system) is a set of systems that can integrate cross-departmental and cross-location resources (including materials, equipment, finance, and human resources) of an enterprise. The system can be connected in different locations across regions, to different departments of an enterprise. Staffs in different departments located in different locations can work together to provide crucial data to management personnel to make proper decisions. Hence to exert synergy effects, reduce redundant work and save management costs. As a result, improve customer satisfaction, strengthen competitiveness and improve efficiency for the company. Create higher and higher profit.

The scope of general ERP system

The picture above is the core modules of a general manufacturing ERP system. Modules of other industries will have slightly increase or decrease according to actual conditions.
New City Computer System Consultants provides total solutions of implementing of ERP system

The New City Computer System Consultants was founded by system professionals from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Polytechnic University, who are majoring in science and information technology. It has been established for more than 20 years. With the spirit of integrity, reliability, professionalism, pragmatism, and continuous innovation, We are committed to assisting Small and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong and South China to develop and implement ERP systems suitable for individual enterprises.


After years of practice, we have applied an effective implementation methodology which is practical with high success rate.

The details are as follows

1.)System installation / startup

After understanding the basic requirements of customers, we provide free trial versions and training letting the customers to familiarize themselves with the basic operations of each function, have a deep understanding of the operation process, complete the basic data setting and conversion, and fine-tune the system when necessary to match the company's operations.


2.)Use Acceptant Test (UAT)

Regarding the company's daily operation process, input simulation cases to test the system's inter-departmental collaboration to ensure smooth and full connection.


3.)Parallel Run

Parallel Run will be held in some large-scale systems. In parallel run, data will be input into old and new system data simultaneously for ensuring that all operations are fully cope with the company's operations. Users can rely on the data provided by the system for work arrangements and monitoring.

The system is fully tested in this stage, the needed functions work well, the performance is good, departmental collaboration and normal/abnormal situation can be handled etc., This ensures that the system can fully meet the requirements.


4.)Live Run (Live Run)

Fully online, all operations are smoothly cope with the company's operations; the system is fully implemented in all departments. All daily required reports are provided by the system. No need to use additional manual work and manpower for report generation.

The above process has been practiced and enhanced for many years. It is effective with high success rate.