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Implementation Approach

Industry-oriented systems,

Due to the different operating processes and management focuses of various industries. We have used our professional knowledge and practice together with valuable experience of management personnel, provided by our clients, from different industries in different level to develop some industry-orientate systems. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong and China in specific industry.

Each system has its general functions that comply with international standards and also has specific characteristics that correspond to the unique characteristics of individual industries. Generally speaking, only with a little amendment, the systems will fit for individual companies.


The following industry-oriented systems have been developed

  • catimg01.jpgColor box printing
  • catimg01.jpgBook printing
  • catimg01.jpgPaper products
  • catimg01.jpglabel printing
  • catimg01.jpg Clothing
  • catimg01.jpg  Shoes
  • catimg01.jpg  Bags
  • catimg01.jpg  Fabric products
  • catimg01.jpg  Electronic
  • catimg01.jpgEye glasses
  • catimg01.jpgArtificial jewelry
  • catimg01.jpgMetal products
  • catimg01.jpgFood Wholesale
  • catimg01.jpgPlastic Products
  • catimg01.jpgToys
  • catimg01.jpgStore Management
  • catimg01.jpgOthers

In response to different industries, we have successfully developed dozens of industry-use systems, if necessary
We are sure that we can find a reference system close to customer requirements, Help them to successfully implement Enterprise dedicated system,


In Hong Kong, most of enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. They have some effective or unique management methods, which give them an advantage in the industry. If these rules can be added to these operations, they can save a lot rsources, enhance the company's competitiveness.


Who needs enterprise-specific systems/new city services,


  1. Want to find a system designed with a large coverage and strong integration, with both system professional design and industry experience (know how), so that every aspect of the company can be incorporated into the system and develop synergy. Companies that enhance company competitiveness
  2. Want to find a system embedded with special requirements in terms of process or calculations (e.g., printing estimation, plastic materials calculation, shoe making material calculation, etc.).
  3. Want to introduce systems with low cost and low risk
  4. Want to find a supplier can provide system modification and Mission Critical Support